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They patiently waited, hoping the women they desired would quit lamenting over “jerks” and wake up to see what great men they were. I have had the privilege of being part of the recovery process with thousands of Nice Guys. I’ve watched single guys find the love they desired. Your book helped me jump into the manager position.

I tried to be a better man than the other men in her past. I slowly began to see how my “Nice Guy” behavior was not only not getting me what I wanted in my relationship, it was actually doing great damage. Glover had followed me around for 30 years documenting my life story.

In spite of everything I did for her, it never seemed enough. She was frequently moody and would lash out at me, seemingly without provocation. I avoided conflict and withheld any information – including my feelings and wants – that I thought might rock the boat or start a fight. When it became apparent that our relationship wasn’t working well for either of us, I decided (actually, she gave me an ultimatum, “Go to counseling or I’m leaving.”) to join a men’s group and get some counseling.

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The kernos belongs to the Staatliche Museen in Berlin (inventory no. The inscription is written right to left in three units, without spaces to separate words.

It is difficult to translate, as some letters are hard to distinguish, particularly since they cannot always be deduced by context.

Widespread literacy was required for the composition of key Old Testament texts, a new study suggests.

It provides, for the first time, empirical evidence of literacy in the final days of the Kingdom of Judah.

The absence of spaces causes additional difficulty in assigning the letters to the respective words.

Due to the lack of a large body of archaic Latin, and the method by which Romans abbreviated their inscriptions, scholars have not been able to produce a singular translation that has been accepted by historians as accurate.

suggests that widespread literacy was required for this massive undertaking and provides empirical evidence of that literacy in the final days of the Kingdom of Judah.

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